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As a pastor, I understand the needs of a church with their website. I grew up in a small church being the “tech guy”. I have helped churches of all sizes to develop websites that can work for their needs!

Ministry in Mind

All our designs are done at a set low cost. There’s no “it depends” with us. You know what you’re going to pay up front – and it’s low.

Quality to Impress

We want your church’s first impression as impressive as the message that you have to give once people arrive. The Gospel isn’t second rate, so why should our presentation of it be?

Experience to Trust

Though Design4Ministry is only a few years old itself, the designers behind it are not new to the business. Our designers have been working with websites for over 10 years.

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Having grown up in the ministry, I understand what a web presence means to your ministry. I also know what “budget” means. That is why I began offering top quality web solutions at drastically reduced prices to churches and various ministries.

What We Do

We make church sites into “Smart Sites”. These sites connect every little area of each neighborhood in your area so that no matter where a person searches, they will find your church site as relevant to their location. Our sites blanket every tiny area of your community with relevant information that will make sure that your church is found in any search!



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